You told us: Here’s what N.H. kids miss during the school shutdown

Students look forward to a return to normalcy

As the stay-at-home order and school shutdown goes into another week – and the novelty wears off – students across New Hampshire are beginning to reflect on what they miss about the daily routine.

From sports to friends to clubs and even favorite teachers, kids are telling us what they value about their previous routines, and what they look forward to getting back to.

Of course, for high school seniors, it’s a different story. Some of the ‘lasts’ have already passed by, and those that are on the horizon may be delayed or even canceled.

Here are some of the responses we got when we asked students: What do you miss?

Kira Mazur, 12th grade, Timberlane Regional High School: “I miss everything I worked so hard for (NHIAA Scholar, music ensembles, cording ceremonies, sports banquets, etc.) and every ‘last’ I will never get back (graduation, prom, cruise, etc.) I miss my last varsity sports season. I’ll never get to walk on the field again as a Timberlane Owl.”

Lindy Snell, 10th grade, Granite State Arts Academy: “I think the thing I miss most about being at school in-person is probably the ability to be one-on-one with your teachers. It’s much tougher now since you have to make appointments on Zoom and everything.”

Jace Furbush, 9th grade, Concord High: “What I miss most about school is seeing my friends, interacting with them, just being with them and messing around, laughing. I also miss wrestling and football, the family-like bond we have together. It kept me busy and interested. My wrestling banquet was supposed to be tonight and I was really looking forward to that for a while now. I understand why we have to do this but it’s still hard. I still talk with some of my friends through FaceTime and Xbox but it’s not the same. My friends and I have so many plans to do stuff when this quarantine is done!”

Christian Waldron, 12th grade, Concord High School: “I miss the daily interaction with his friends. I also misses being able to be taught by teachers in person.”

Keira Waldron, 4th grade, Christa McAuliffe School: “I miss my friends and my teacher and learning in the classroom. I also miss writing scripts for my friends to use during recess and I wish I could celebrate my birthday at school.”

Arianna Mazur 11th grade, Timberlane Regional High School: “This is the year I would be reaching out to colleges and touring – which I can’t do in-person now. I miss the junior awards night, National Honor Society and other inductions, SAT’s, hanging out with people and seeing friends. I miss having teachers helping me in person. And I’m missing the opportunity to set new personal records in spring track.”

Matthew Mazur, 9th grade, Timberlane Regional High School: “I miss my first baseball season as a freshman. Otherwise I’m vibin’.”

Maddie Kane, 12th grade, Trinity High School: “I miss the under-the-breath jokes that people in my class would make,” says senior Maddie Kane. “I have some really funny classmates, and you can’t do that over video.”

Emma Kane, 11th grade, Trinity High School: “Remote learning has been better than I thought it would be, but I miss sitting in the class with my friends and asking questions. My school is doing a really good job with it, but it’s still different than actually being in class. I also miss driving. I haven’t driven anywhere in three weeks.”

Parker Kearley, Sanborn Middle School: “I miss riding my bike to school. And I think teachers’ instructions are more clear in the classroom than online.”

Nick Thissell, 9th grade at Bow High School: “My friends would be what I miss the most. Other than that, I miss the drama department.”

Becca Thissell, Freshman at the University of Vermont: “I miss seeing my friends and I miss having stable classes without technology issues (but mostly my friends).”

Victoria Thissell, 6th grade at Shaker Road School: “I miss seeing and talking to my friends, dance, and drama. I also miss being in a class and talking to people face to face.”

Andrew Roberts, 9th grade at Windham High School: “I miss working out, playing sports and hanging out with my friends.”

Wil Roberts, 7th grade, Windham Middle School: “I miss everything and everyone. I miss my school, my teachers, my friends. I really, really miss going to history, science and art. I am wondering when this will be over, since I am very scared of the virus and I am concerned about all my friends.”


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