The sun still rises

WMUR's Hayley LaPoint offering free online weather classes, chats

Phrases like ‘an abundance of caution’ and ‘the new normal’ are becoming, well, the new normal.

But the old normal still exists, too. Case in point: the sun Bloghayleystill came up today.

OK, technically it’s raining as I write this, but I can tell it’s up there somewhere because it’s not dark.

As is now obvious, detailed, fact-filled explanations about why it’s sunny or foggy or overcast aren’t my specialty. But telling you these things is Hayley LaPoint’s expertise.

And LaPoint, a WMUR Meteorologist, is offering to tell your kids all about it.

From Hayley:

“Now booking online weather presentations for students at home. Are you a parent looking for more educational content for your student at home, or just an informal live chat with me, a meteorologist? Send me an email and we can set up a time!!

I went to college with that guy from The Weather Channel that makes everyone nervous when he arrives in their town to report on the next catastrophic storm, and I actually went to high school with WMUR’s Mike Haddad. I didn’t absorb any meteorological knowledge from either of them, so we’re all going to need experts who can inform us about the weather in the future.

Take Hayley up on her thoughtful and excellent offer.


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