The joys/perils of working from home

When mom goes live, the kids do, too

None of the following is exaggerated even a little bit.

Our offices here at the Millyard in Manchester have been fairly quiet this week, as most offices around here seem to be. Parking is plentiful, and Commercial Street is virtually wide open.Bloginterrupt

Today, we had a company-wide video meeting where pretty much everyone was involved – most from in front of their web cams at home. A number of our colleagues took turns presenting and discussing how things are going.

Permission to share the following has been graciously granted. None of the names have been changed to protect the awesomeness of what occurred.

The negotiations went like this:

Me: “Do you mind if I share this with Parenting NH readers?”

Her: “You’re totally welcome to use it. But only if you use our names, because this will be my legacy LOL. Go forth and share my awkwardness. I embrace it with pride.”

Back to the meeting…

It came time for Morgen Connor, our digital media specialist, to fill us in on her recent progress. Her video came to the fore and as she began to address us, her four-year-old son, Luke, joined her.

In a dinosaur costume.

He said hello, told everyone what he had been up to, and then moved to the side to play.

He was eating popcorn. We know this because he came back to tell us all.

A few moments later, he apparently spilled the popcorn. He told us all about that, too.

He’s a great kid with excellent parents, obviously, because he immediately began trying to vacuum up the spilled popcorn. As his mother presented to the rest of the company.

Morgen soldiered on like a pro (or, like a mom, which is the same thing.) Until, that is, Luke made another appearance behind her.

He had taken off all of his clothes.

He ran around with a big smile on his face and, uh, not much else. There are many parents among us here, so literally everyone could relate. It brought a lot of levity to yet another day of uncertainty.

Best. Meeting. Ever.

It’s not like it’s never happened before. (This is a few years old, but maybe worth a revisit, given everyone’s situation.)

When moms are interrupted:

When Jimmy Fallon is interrupted:

When Darth Vader is interrupted:

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