The Journey out of boredom

Families discover musical cure for cabin fever

I thought I was doing a decent job of keeping my family entertained during the long hours of self-isolation as we sit out the coronavirus. And then I saw this.


The Heller family, from Maple Valley, Washington, has taken the cabin fever cure game to an entirely new level. Led by dad Steven Heller, the family has made a shot-for-shot remake of Journey’s “Separate Ways” 1983 music video.


Go dad, go!

The family – Steven and Jana Heller and their three kids – shot the video entirely on their iPhones in their yard. That’s impressive. Even more impressive, however, is the level of commitment the Hellers show in recreating the very 80s clip. Steven Heller perfectly captures Steve Perry’s anguish, and the synced four-head-turn is worth the watch alone.

I know what you’re saying: “I’ve seen these things before.” Sure, people recreate music videos – and this one has been done before, very well. But Steven Heller has put himself on the Mount Rushmore of awesome quarantine dads with this creation. See for yourself.

I was also taken to school by the Marsh family, from Kent, England, who performed their version of “One More Day” from “Les Miserables.”

That’s not to say we’ve been totally idle at the Dad on Bored household – it’s just that we’re going to have to raise our compete level if we want to one day achieve the greatness of the Heller and Marsh families. It’s the best we can do at this point – (remote collaboration with vocals provided by Karen Kearley from her home in Kingston, N.H.)

Why is it that the dads seem to be getting the biggest charge out of these things?

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