The importance of special education options


At Spaulding Youth Center, we offer an educational option for children who demonstrate behavioral difficulties that could be compounded or intensified by other disabilities. Due to these challenges, our students are significantly behind their contemporaries and require creative approaches to quickly improve and begin gaining confidence and success in the classroom.

Although our school mirrors a public-school setting, our campus provides specialized instruction which leverages flexible and creative approaches to match each student’s unique needs. On the Spaulding Youth Center campus, certified teachers and professionals provide day-long integrated instruction with modification and accommodation as outlined by each student’s individual education plans (IEPs). To support students’ IEPs, Spaulding Youth Center offers on-site related services, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language therapy. In addition, all of our staff are trained in positive behavior management to emphasize skill development to correct behavioral issues.

To address specific academic deficits, a number of teachers have completed specialized training, such as the Orton-Gillingham approach for reading and the Vertical Acceleration approach for math through the Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics. Our well-trained speech therapists help the children build critical communication skills which are often closely tied to their behavioral problems. Spaulding Youth Center is proud to provide all of these services on campus maximizing the amount of time and therapy available and enhancing the integration of these therapists with the classroom educational resources. This complement of program and services support our collective goal to help students learn how to successfully modify their behavior and transfer newly acquired skills back to their sending public school.

If your child’s needs may require a different education option, contact your local special education director to discuss scheduling a visit to the Spaulding Youth Center campus located in Northfield, New Hampshire.

Spaulding Youth Center is a leading provider of services for children and youth with neurological, emotional, behavioral, learning and/or developmental challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder and those who have experienced significant trauma, abuse or neglect.


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