“Teachers should make a billion dollars” 

...or get free guac or free bottomless wine or a prom for teachers

FallonFrom the heartfelt to the hilarious, parents and kids are showing just how much they love their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

By now, everyone has a new perspective on just how difficult it is to be a teacher. Anyone with any sense has always appreciated what they do, but now that we’ve been pressed into service during the school shutdown, it’s a new, slightly more informed admiration.

Gov. Chris Sununu offered this yesterday, as he proclaimed May 4-8 Teacher Appreciation Week:

“New Hampshire’s educators have gone above and beyond to ensure that students in the Granite State continue to receive a quality education as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to their dedication – not just during these unordinary times, but every day – our students are receiving one of the best educations in the country. We can’t thank our educators enough for all that they do.”

We all have that one teacher who had a lifelong effect on us. I’ve been lucky to have three, in particular, who taught me things I still use every day:

  1. My journalism professor, Joe Leblanc, who taught me on day-one of J1, “no one cares what you think.” (It wasn’t personal, and he was right.);
  2. My senior year guitar teacher, Bob Manseau, who showed me that if you do the work, you will succeed – but you must do the work;
  3. My 12th grade English teacher, Nadine Gordon, who didn’t punish me for skipping the homework. We had to write a paper about scapegoats. I didn’t do the reading, so instead, I composed an essay about a newly-discovered breed of farm animal. (And, well, here I am.)
  4. This guy. I know I said three, but none of the teachers on this list are math teachers.


Let’s look at how teachers are being recognized this week.

Jimmy Fallon sums up what we’re all thinking about now.

Examples came in from all over the state – every district in every town.

Author Chris Lucas (whose site is having a great giveaway right now,) assembled this exhaustive list of the Top Ten Disney Teachers.

At the same time, teachers continued to make it pretty clear why they’re loved. Take a look at how Ron Kew, principal at the Swasey Elementary School, in Barrington, communicated with his students.

He also made this earlier in the stay-at-home semester.

The lesson this music teacher, offered, however, has stuck with me.

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