Stay home, see the world

An A-to-Z list of virtual visits

We’re still pretty early into the self-quarantine/no school process, and I don’t think we’re all going bonkers quite yet, but if you work your way down this impressive list of virtual tours, activities and resources, it’s unlikely we’ll get to that point.

Pyramids Egypt

I can see the pyramids from my house.

Virtual School Activities has compiled a great list of live webcams, virtual trips and other educational options to help make these homebound hours productive.

From Ancient Rome to Washington D.C. (it’s still being added to, so we’re confident someone will come up with a “z” destination soon enough,) there are destinations for all tastes.

Read the entire list here.

My wife has always wanted to go to the Great Wall of China.

Our daughter is a musican – and she has a friend majoring in opera – so she’d choose the Metropolitan Opera.

Me? I’m going to the Great Pyramids.

Where are you going?

Got any local destinations you’ll be virtually visiting? Let me know!

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