Spirits on the front porch

Granite Staters spreading joy anonymously

It’s gratifying to know that years from now, when people talk about the coronavirus pandemic, part of the story will be how neighbors did good things for each other.

For example: Last night was a typical Sunday – laundry, spaghetti and ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’ As I was walking past the front door toward the living room, however, something caught my eye – a flash of pink gently riding the early evening breeze. I looked more closely through the glass and noticed a few packages on the front porch topped with colorful tissue paper.

We had been fairy’d.


A group of residents in our town, as in many around the state, have taken it upon themselves to raise the spirits of their neighbors. In our case, it’s known as “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Spirits.” People leave small packages of snacks, wine, small gifts – and then run off before they’re seen. It’s like ding-dong-ditch but with wine.

The gift fairy visited our house last night, and left a bonus package for our daughter, who is graduating high school (sort of, at some point,) and heading off to college in the fall. Her’s included ramen noodles, a sleep mask, Hershey bars and other items a college freshman would find useful.

It was a welcome moment of happiness on yet another weekend where we look into the future and can’t really tell what the next few months will bring. For the gift fairies in Sandown – spirits raised, mission accomplished.

Tell us: What good have you seen during this time?


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