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Manchester teacher TikTokking through quarantine

Teachers everywhere are showing how innovative and committed they are – and one local educator is using a popular social media app to speak the language of his students.Blogquigley

Mr. Quigley, a French teacher at The Founders Academy, is using TikTok to keep his students on track with their studies. TikTok, a video sharing social networking service, is more typically used to spread short lip-sync, dance and humorous clips. At the cleverly-named coronavision, however, Mr. Quigley is using the popular service to spread brief French language lessons.

The clips are funny, inventive and amazingly effective.

I don’t speak too much French (aside from “les Bruins de Boston sont meilleurs que les habitants,”) but even I understood that “the elephant is social distancing.” Or something close to that.

@coronavision##french ##coronavirus ##remotelearning ##socialdistancing

♬ original sound – coronavision

Here, we’ve got some instructions on hand washing. Or lion washing.

@coronavision##coronavirus ##francais ##stayhealthy

♬ original sound – coronavision

I thought I was catching on when I loosely translated the following as “the animals are riding in a vehicle.” Imagine my choc inattendu when I checked my work, only to discover the animals were traveling in a stolen vehicle! Mon dieu!

@coronavision##joyride ##comprehensibleinput ##frenchteacher

♬ original sound – coronavision

I guess I need lessons.
Follow Mr. Quigley at tiktok.com/@coronavision.

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