Salute to Seniors: Joey Peavey

Joey Peavey

High School: Merrimack High School in Merrimack, NH

Personal message to senior:

Joey Peavey is a kind young man who has been volunteering at senior centers for years. At 3 years old while visiting his Great Grandmother there was a piano he asked to play. I smiled and said maybe one day, but not today. Unfortunately, soon after she passed. Some years later we recalled the conversation and returned to the facility so he could perform for the seniors. After performing, Joey was full of purpose at just 13 years old. Joey will be attending URI for Music Therapy so he can continue this path. Due to the pandemic restrictions, Joey was unable to perform for the seniors. He then utilized the time and created a “Thank You Tour” and performed in driveways for former teachers, band directors, and family/friends that have supported his music. We could not be prouder of the amazing human being that he has become.

Student’s favorite activities in high school: Concert band, Jazz band, Marching band, chamber choir, chorus, piano, guitar

Future plans: Joey will be attending the University of Rhode Island and majoring in Music Therapy

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