Put a different spin on Halloween

Just a quick flip though this month’s issue and you can tell that I think Halloween is a pretty big deal.    

I can’t be the only one obsessed with the holiday. I’ve noticed that the number of Halloween events, haunted houses and Halloween-related retail shops has increased. Toward the end of September after a few nights of crisp, fall air, the holiday kicks into full gear with houses decorated as they would be at Christmas, except with orange and purple lights and pumpkins that light up.e

Halloween may be the perfect holiday. It is fun and full of fantasy and whimsy, but minus the arduous task of picking out the perfect Christmas gifts and all the shopping.

But while making lists and checking them twice is a ways away, you still might find yourself driving store to store looking for the Captain America costume that your child just has to have for a ½ hour of trick-or-treating time. As the holiday gets more popular, it seems that stress levels are going up for parents as well.

Before things get out of control and Halloween rivals Christmas for money spent, it’s time to think about doing a few things differently this year.

I still remember the plastic Pac-Man costume I begged for, but what I remember more is the care a nd thought my mom put into creating original costumes using what we had around the house. A pillowcase and construction paper became a tea bag; a long skirt and jewelry became a gypsy. On a rainy day or a weekend, challenge your kids to use their imagination to come up with an original costume. Have them sketch it out and figure out how to put it all together, with your help of course.

Also, trick or treat is a lot of gimme gimme. If your child just won’t back off their incessant request to be a Marvel character, instead try to re-focus the holiday on what you can do as a family or for others — bake some Halloween treats, make your own decorations, carve pumpkins, have a neighborhood party, and perhaps donate some of the trick-or-treat haul. Operation Gratitude sends care packages to those serving in the military. You can donate candy to them directly, or host a local drive to collect candy that will be sent to the troops.

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