Our miracle is a first-grader

Carter, born at 26 weeks and 4 days, achieves a big milestone this week

School ends Friday in our school district, so that means on Friday afternoon I will officially be mom to a first-grader.

Carter was born at 26 weeks, 4 days. When he was born, we weren’t sure he would live, and if he did, what his life would be like as he grew.

He spent “a short” 75 days in the NICU before he came home and he has thrived and fought since the day he was born. He is a miracle. I live in awe of him every day. He is a “big” boy physically and developmentally, too. I am so proud of him.

The fact that the last day Carter set foot in his elementary school was March 12, 2020, is nuts. I can’t help but mourn, on his behalf, all the special kindergarten and end-of-year events he has missed out on.

There was no first field trip, no field days, no graduation or end-of-year celebration. He missed out on so many cool “firsts.” And I missed out on these things, too. I know his teacher feels sad that she has missed spending this special time with her class as well. Overall, like so much else associated with covid-19, it is bittersweet.

As we all mourn our celebrations that we’ve lost, especially this time of year, remember you are not alone. I plan to celebrate Carter in some special way (definitely with cake and ice cream), while we acknowledge the excitement and transition that is unfolding.

When Carter was in school last, he was just shy of 6 years old, and when he returns – hopefully in September- he will be 6½.  Kids change so much so fast; he literally won’t be the same kid when he returns.

 Lauren Martone is a blogger for ParentingNH from southern New Hampshire. You can contact her at lmart0825@gmail.com. Lauren and her family’s story were featured in the July 2015 issue of ParentingNH and in the July 2018 issue.

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