New Hampshire camps for New Hampshire kids

There is no other place in the country quite like New Hampshire. The spirit of our state’s people, our work and our play is built on a foundation of independence, self-reliance and straight talk. Nobody gets that better than our neighbors and friends.

The needs of our families are no different. This is why New Hampshire camps are the best fit for New Hampshire kids.

There are more than 150 licensed camps in the state. These camps range from programs of a few days to a few weeks to an entire summer. Camps for girls, boys, girls and boys, adults, and for families, too. Camps for kids as young as 3 and as old as you can grow ’em.

With so many options, there is a camp in New Hampshire for everybody. Here is some advice from New Hampshire camping experts on how to pick a camp:

  • Select a New Hampshire camp – kids come from all over the world to come to camp in New Hampshire. Parents around the globe opt to send their daughters and sons thousands of miles to New Hampshire for the summer. At day camps and sleepaway camps almost every state across the United States, Canada and Mexico, and countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Africa are represented at Granite State camps.
  • Always choose a licensed program – licensed camps adhere to more and stricter guidelines set out by the state. Licensed camps are “surprise” inspected each summer. Unlicensed programs are not.
  • Get to Know the owners and directors – The personality of the leadership at your child’s camp is important. Trust is key! Find a program that fits your needs and values. Find a director you can talk to, and that understands your child and your family. Don’t settle.

The best resource for information on camps in the state is from New Hampshire Camps at Provided by the New Hampshire Camp Director’s Association (NHCDA,) the website provides a list of licensed member camps that you can search based on the type of camp you want, length of session, or even on your financial needs. The website also has content for parents to help them decide on a camp and a map of camps to find out where they are in the state.

NHCDA is a local non-profit that works with camps and state departments to help member camps ensure safety and best practices throughout. The organization provides resources for families, camps, businesses that work with camps and state departments as well.