Namaste Montessori School in Goffstown celebrates 15 years

The school's anniversary coincides with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the educational system founder Maria Montessori on Aug. 31.

Susan DeMont, Owner of Namaste Montessori, Jessica Clark and Sierra Boulanger. Three generations of Namaste Montessori School. Cara Sanford Studios photo.

The Namaste Montessori School is celebrating its 15th anniversary at its Goffstown location this August. It coincides with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the educational system founder Maria Montessori on Aug. 31.

Montessori was the first female to become a doctor in Italy, an early advocate of a woman’s right to vote, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on three separate occasions. Montessori used her expertise as a doctor and scientist to create a new educational system focused on scientific observation of children and their natural love of learning.

Namaste Montessori School was founded on these principles in 2005. Namaste began with their “children’s house” program and has grown to include a lower and upper elementary program serving children ages three to 12, or in a traditional school setting from preschool to sixth grade. Classes are multi-age for younger children to learn from older children and older children to solidify their learning by teaching younger friends. Namaste Montessori student Sierra Boulanger reflects, “I love it so much because we have freedom.”

Montessori education is known for its emphasis with hands on learning, deep concentration and focus, and a peace education curriculum. The foundation of all programs at Namaste is centered on peace education and the inter- connectedness of all beings. Friends are encouraged to be stewards of their environment.

The community of teachers, parents and students is affectionately called a “school family.” Director Susan DeMont, shares, “When the school opened 15 years ago I had never imagined that we would be celebrating a primary, kindergarten, lower and upper elementary programs. Our families are very supportive and encouraging as we work together to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for friends. I am so blessed to work, to learn and to grow with our school family.”

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