Mask up

How to – and how not-to (mainly how not-to) – make your own cloth face cover

The Center for Disease Control now recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where social distancing can be difficult – like in grocery stores.

Since the Dad on Bored household is going to have to make a grocery run soon, we thought we’d give it a try. Through trial-and-error, we figured out what would work best for us.

Here’s a look at our experimental efforts:


Img 0917

Bad mask. No.

Img 0918

Cold. Getting colder. Try again.

Img 0915

Ew. Just, no.

Img 0916

This one won’t even work in England.

Better, yes.

Since it looked like we could use a little guidance, we learned this way.

Then we turned to U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who posted a video that shows how to craft a DIY cloth mask made from easy-to-find household items.

Joking aside, it has become a necessity. According to the CDC: “The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators. Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance.”

Here’s how the Surgeon General says to go about it:

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