Manchester motorcade makes merry

Parker-Varney teachers lift spirits

The quiet of an isolated morning of homeschooling was given a shot of energy by the teachers of the Parker-Varney School Friday.

A large procession of cars carrying teachers and their families toured a number of city neighborhoods mid morning on Friday, beeping car horns, shouting, waving and holding signs.

“We had no idea they were coming,” Shelby Rossetti said. “I had my front door open because it was so warm and sunny and all of a sudden I heard loud honking. When I looked to see what was going on, there had to have been 50 cars or so all with the windows down – teachers and their families holding signs and balloons. They were waving and shouting things like we miss you and we love you.”

Some of the posters bore the name of the school, while others had drawings of Panthers in the school colors.

“Lots of neighbors came out on their porches,” Rossetti said. “Soon after that I went for a walk and could hear the horns and the cheering in other neighborhoods.”

The mission: To let the kids know they’re not forgotten and to lift their spirits. According to families along the Parker-Varney parade route, it worked.

“We have a neighborhood Facebook page and some of the neighbors commented that it made their kids day! I know it was for the Parker-Varney kids but it really lifted everyone’s spirits. If anything good is going to come from this difficult time it’s that our community is coming together to support one another.”

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