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World Academy

Art music and theater, Educational programs, Science and nature camps, Sports and recreation camps, Day camps
138 Spit Brook Road, Nashua, NH

If you are interested in a dynamic, well-rounded summer of sports, games, art and crafts, theater experiences, science challenges, camping, enrichment and other age appropriate activities in a safe, local, fun environment with your child’s neighbors and friends, this is it! This is a well educated community that is known and trusted to be able to supply your child with healthy, safe and challenging fun in an atmosphere of caring… And you can choose the hours of attendance without worrying about ferrying your child from one program to another every day! We have programs that range from Infants through Grade 8 – call today to learn more about what programs we have for YOUR child!

A ‘World’ Of Fun All Summer Long

World Academy SummerQuest Camps (K through Grade 3) and Enrichment Camp (Grades 4-8) offer a full range of exciting and engaging activities to keep summer slide at bay and to keep your camper having fun all summer long! Camps run in one-week sessions, so you can sign up for what best suits your needs…and it is dynamic, inclusive and local, so you don’t have to constantly shuffle your camper from one location to another for exciting experiences!!

A Safe, Welcoming Environment

World Academy’s state-of-the-art facilities are organized to create the most positive, stimulating, and secure setting possible for your camper’s development. From the camp specific rooms to the collaborative gathering spaces, each is outfitted with the latest, age-appropriate technology to inspire curiosity on both an inter and intrapersonal level – the pillars of a 21st Century experience. Our all-in-one camp affords students use of our onsite pools, soccer field, natural playground, recreation cabin, full-size Gymnasium with rock climbing wall, and more. Visit https://worldacademynh.com/the-academy/facilities to see our expansive campus, conveniently located off Exit 1 in Nashua, NH!

Dynamic Activities To Keep Campers Eager For More!

All day long, your camper will be engaged in team building athletics (volleyball, basketball, and more), classic pastimes (checkers, Pictionary, and even Charades!), field game tournaments (horseshoes, anyone?), and enjoying friendly competition through Minute-to-Win-It games and fitness challenges throughout the summer – complete with prizes!

A Back-To-Basics Camp Experience

Campers will be able to unleash their inner creative architect to build structures of their own design on our extensive natural landscapes! We believe using our expansive campus and surrounding parks/nature trails enriches campers summer by allowing them to unplug and appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors. Our cabin creates a nostalgic, sleepaway camp experience, with the comfort of being a day camp!

SummerQuest K-Grade 3 Camps

While our camps run in one-week session options, our campers enjoy two-week themes that drive all activities for both weeks that are tailored to campers’ ages and interests! This summer’s themes include Nature Unleashed, A Splash of Color, Animal Planet, H2-O’Yeah!, and Crazy Concoctions! Throughout the summer, campers will experience awesome adventures such as daily swimming, field trips, geocaching, examining ecosystems, joining in recreational activities and sports, as well as, performing quirky and crazy science experiments, and enjoying laughter, literacy and fun with friends! We will offer a variety of field trips on and off site, so all ages can make amazing summer camp memories!

Grades 4-8 Enrichment Camp – What Your Older Camper Craves

Looking for a camp that meets the needs of tweens and pre-teens? Our Enrichment Camp focuses on academic and soft skills with a relaxed structure that older campers thrive on. The camper-approved weekly themes focus on topics that pique the interest of future scientists, authors, actors, detectives and historians! Visit https://worldacademynh.com/programs/camp#enrichment for more details!

Enrichment Camp (Grade 4-8) Daily Activities

Every Morning is filled with dynamic English Language and Performing Arts activities OR MathThink problem solving projects from Arithmetic to Algorithms! Midday is highlighted by our school lunch, outdoor spontaneous and organized sports, games, and free architect times, followed by swimming and water activities. Afternoons are full of weekly theme-based activities designed to engage each camper with hands on, interesting, detailed projects based activities based on the specific ingenious weekly theme. Field trips, team building exercises and time with friends round out the day! This year’s themes include “Spy School”, “Top Chef”, “Goin’Green and Gettin’ Dirty”, “By Design”, “Become the Leader You Want to Be!”, “Space Exploration”, “Atlantis” and “Myths and Legends – Storytelling at its Best!”, and each promises to be full of exciting, related activities!

Safety is Priority

It’s no coincidence that our school and camp are well known for safety and quality…safety is what we do very well!!!. Your camper will have high-quality experiences in a secure environment with trained teachers/camp counselors in a respectful and encouraging environment. Being local and all inclusive, you will not have to shuffle your camper from one location to others, throughout the summer.

One Stop Camp Shop

Our parents love the convenience of SO MANY enrichment options all in one place! Our Grades 4-8 Enrichment Camp offers academic instruction from our highly qualified Middle School teachers, while our younger campers enrichment options include affordable, onsite swim lessons, art camps, spot, games, Lego Robotics, and more!

Engaging Counselors Create Loads of Fun

Our amazing, creative staff is working non-stop to develop developmentally appropriate crafts, technology options, cooking activities, sports and games such as horse shoes and frisbee tournaments, in addition to outdoor and indoor basketball, rock climbing, swimming activities, nature hikes, geocaching, on and off site trips, team building activities and more, that will be dynamic enough to encourage your child to dive deep into each theme, every day. Our experienced staff of excited and trained camp counselors, many of whom are degreed teachers from our Middle School and Elementary programs, are ready to bring their talent, energies, and enthusiasm to camp, ensuring that your child will get a safe, professional and consistent summer of fun!