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Art music and theater, Educational programs, Science and nature camps, Day camps
84 Brook Street Suite 1 Manchester 03104
(703) 303-7573


Unchartered combines art and science in every day life. We run more than 12 after school programs in Manchester, NH a week, traveling to schools such as Gossler, Mount Zion, Parker-Varney, North End Montessori, Bakersville, Casa Dei Bambini, McDonough and Northwest. You may have heard of our programs that include launching rockets, zombie slime, magnetic slime, biospheres, krackens, bees and glitter, blood slime, NASA Poop and so much more. Everything we teach combines art and science.

Art and Science, arn’t those completely different?
Nope. Science and art go together like a fish in the ocean. It is only more recently we have seperated them.

Isn’t Science borring?
Not the way we do it. We conduct experiments, build hands-on models and play games that teach us science.

I can’t draw, I’ll be bored, right?
Not at all. Even our silk-painting summer camp talks about the life of the silkworm, acids, bases, the physics of color, geometry, manufacturing and more!

I’m shy?
We are too. We limit our summer camps to 6 students at a time, that ensures a minimum of 6 students to a teacher and fewer distractions.

I’ve had bad experiences with bullies.
That is something we have heard a lot about. By limiting our class sizes to 6 students, it is impossible for one student to single out another. Hate has no place with us.

What if 5 other students is still too much for me?
In that case, I suggest signing up for private lessons or semi-private lessons.

Your camp is downtown Manchester, is that safe?
Yes! Our studio is at the back of a multifamily property on Brook Street with families all around. We have a fenced in garden full of birds, bugs, flowers and veggies. We also have keypad entrance only students and teachers have the code for.

Is there really a garden?
Yes! We use our garden for instruction and inspiration. It is a functioning urban vegetable garden.

Are meals provided?
No. Unfortunately, we are not equipped or insured to feed students. We are insured for all other aspects of our camp, but allergies are difficult. We provide cold water and a fridge for storing all the snacks and drinks your student brings with them.

Which camp should I sign up for?
If it is your first time with us, consider Beginning Silk Painting, Scientific Drawing or Story Comics. If you sign up for Beginning Silk Painting, you may also sign up for Advanced Silk Painting.