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Rockin' Chalk Cartoon Workshops

Art music and theater, Day camps
39 West Broadway, Marion Gerrish Center Derry, NH 03841

In this Fun-Filled Summer Workshop Series, kids grade 4 and up will get a chance to explore and experiment with cartoon drawing techniques, character creation and other design elements that bring cartoon creations to life. Each week will feature a different topic related to cartooning.

Our BOOM group (Grades 7+) will meet for 105 minutes twice a week. (9:15am-11:00am)

This older group will dive into each topic a bit deeper with some challenging exercises. We will discuss connections between what we are doing and how it applies to the foundations of careers in graphic design, illustration and animation.

Our SMASH group (Grade 4,5,6) meets for 75 minutes twice a week. (11:30am-12:45pm)
We will cover the same topics as BOOM with some modifications to the difficulty level of exercises, keeping it fun and creative!

All class materials will be provided. Just bring a snack & drink!

Cartoon Workshops are at the Marion Gerrish Center
39 West Broadway, Derry, NH • Room 5A