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Camp Cody

Residential and overnight camps
9 Cody Road, Freedom, NH 03836

We‘re a premier New England summer camp with 2 and 4-week sessions for boys and girls ranging in ages 7-17 years old. At Camp Cody, we believe that carefully tailoring the summer experience to the individual camper creates, on a larger scale, a successful and enjoyable summer for all campers.

A big part of growing up is exploring new interests and making choices, which is why we designed activities according to our progressive programming structure. Our program provides for more choice as campers age, as well as a variety of new activities and trips to guarantee that every summer is unique. Customizable, flexible schedules suit individual interests, abilities, and goals, but our programming still provides shared experiences. Whether it’s a bonfire on our private beach, one of our themed dances or the sudden outbreak of songs being sung in the dining hall, every day at Cody encourages individual exploration while still bringing the camp community closer together.

Don’t miss out on an amazing summer experience. Here you will find enthusiasm, kindness, excitement, and diversity. We’re more than just camp. We’re Cody.

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What activities do we offer?
Camp Cody offers an array of activities from team and individual sports, waterfront, creative arts, and off-site trips for our campers. Each camper can personalize their day to start off playing laser tag, heading down to the lake for waterskiing, then in the afternoon work on their glassblowing project or even shoot an arrow in archery!

How is our program structured?
At Camp Cody, we believe that carefully tailoring the summer experience to the individual camper creates, on a larger scale, a successful and enjoyable summer for all campers. In advance of camp, we conduct home visits or connect with parents so that we get to know our campers’ background and interests.

Who do we hire?
Identifying, hiring and retaining outstanding staff members is what makes the Camp Cody community particularly special. Our staff consists of education majors, graduate students, college athletes, lifelong coaches and a wide range of other professionals who have dedicated their careers to youth development.

First time to camp?
From the first time you visit our website, give us a ring, or walk onto our campus, you will be greeted by a year-round Cody team member devoted to helping you and your camper.

Where is Camp Cody Located?
Camp Cody is located in Freedom, New Hampshire on the shores of Ossipee Lake — two hours north of Boston, Massachusetts and five hours from New York City.

Can’t Visit? Take the Virtual Tour!
If you can’t see us in-person, the next best thing is to check out our Virtual Tour or Interactive Video to get a feel for our campus, which can be found on our website.

What’s on our Menu?
Campers eat buffet-style with their bunkmates and counselors at every meal and enjoy a large selection of yummy foods that will satisfy even the pickiest campers. We look to source organic, fresh and local produce whenever possible for all of our meals.

Food Allergies?
While our menu is extensive, we are cautious about the foods we provide and do not offer any common food allergens. We are proud to be a nut-free campus and our chef is great about offering fantastic alternatives and a wide array of options to suit all campers.

What do our cabins look like?
Our cabins sit on the southeastern lakeside edge of the White Mountain National Forest, each housing about seven campers and three counselors. All of our cabins have electricity, fully-equipped bathrooms, and ample cubby room for belongings.

Do you have any 1-week programs?
Camp Cody offers optional one-week adventures at the end of each session for campers ages 12 to 16. The Cody Adventures program is a progressive series of week-long adventure trips across the White Mountains, Acadia National Park, the Maine seacoast, and Nova Scotia. The program serves as a capstone experience following each two or four-week session at Camp Cody. It’s a terrific way for campers to explore New England (and Canada) alongside bunkmates from their previous session.