Let’s take the kids to see the Old Man of the Mountain

Take a virtual ride (back in time) up to Franconia Notch

Seventeen years ago yesterday, the Old Man fell. My daughter, and plenty of other kids born around that time and since then, never got to see him, but luckily there’s plenty of photographic and video evidence of how he once watched over the Granite State.

Yankee Magazine‘s take on the history, significance and loss of the Old Man is required reading.

For a more personal view, check out this classic Yankee piece from 1991 about the caretaker of the Old Man:

While it certainly predates film of any kind, visitors have been chronicling it for many years. Here’s a look at it from 1929.

And then of course, reports of the collapse from 2003.


Bob Kordas, who played New Hampshire Magazine’s Cubicle Concert series earlier this year, performs a great ode New Hampshire’s symbol.

“Old Man of the Mountain” by Bob Kordas

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