Let’s take the kids to Fenway Park

No baseball? No problem.

Today was to be the opening day of the MLB season. Of course, we won’t be taking the family to sit atop the Green Monster anytime soon, (or, perhaps slightly more realistically, Blogfenwaythe bleacher seats,) so let’s take a virtual tour of the home of the Boston Red Sox.

Soon enough we’ll all get back outside, and it’ll be great to take-in a game. Until then, however, we’ll settle for a virtual tour with a little history thrown in.

These virtual visits are taken from “Fenway 100,” so they’re just a few years old, but they give a great feel for the legacy of the place.

I take the T to Kenmore and then head down Lansdowne.

Here, take my ticket and let me in.

What’s it like to sit on the Green Monster?

What’s it like inside the Green Monster?

Take a look inside the home clubhouse.

Here’s a look at the visitors clubhouse.

Here’s Ted Williams’ red seat.

Pesky’s Pole.

And just for the heck of it – happier times.
2004: Curse broken.

2007: Sweep.

2013: The last out.

2018: 5-1 final.

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