Let’s take the kids to empty Disney

A visual tour of an empty world

Ever wonder what Walt Disney World looks like now that it’s empty?

Wonder no more.

Photographer extraordinaire, Disney expert and FOPNH (Friend of Parenting NH) Arthur Lyons, known for the incredible way he captures the sights of Walt Disney World, has done it again.

Arthur shows us the vacation kingdom in a way we thought would never be possible – completely empty.

Walt Disney World (and everywhere else, really) has closed its doors to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. For how long? Impossible to say. Until then we’ll have to take virtual tours.

Have a look: no lines, no crowds, no need for FastPasses or ADRs. Just a completely unique perspective on a place that’s typically teeming with people. Just think, you could walk right up and get a Dole Whip with no wait at all – providing there was someone there to give it to you.

Also – Arthur didn’t break any rules to bring us these amazing views, it just looks like it. He managed to capture much of the Magic Kingdom and parts of Epcot in a way that’s rarely seen in the following gallery.

Since we can’t go for real, let’s take a virtual vacation and have a look at Empty Walt Disney World.


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