Let’s take the kids on a tour of a radio station

Learn what the sounds look like

She’s a mom, she’s a longtime on-air radio personality, and now, she’s a tour guide. Heather Headshot1 620x400

WZID‘s Heather Bishop walks us through the offices of the Manchester Radio Group for a look behind the microphone.

If you or your kids have ever wondered what radio studios look like, wonder no more. There are a variety of sound boards, microphones, monitors, offices and all kinds of things with blinking lights. Heather, who has been doing mid-days at WZID for more than a decade, demystifies it all.

First, let’s learn a little about our tour guide:

“I am a busy working mom of 1 teenage son named Josh. My husband and dogs live with us too. We have a border collie mix named Sage and a handful of a mix breed puppy named Belle. My husband is a handsome, Disney-loving man named Brian. Oh, we are ALL Disney lovers. Walt Disney World is our second home. In fact when I am not on the air I am planning and booking Disney trips or other destinations for other people.

Here are 5 things you might not know about me:

1 – I love pop culture stuff!

2 – I once ran 5 half marathons in 12 months

3 – I love to play xbox360 especially the lego games

4 – I have been married to my husband for a LONG time…. I mean decades……

5 – I can turn any conversation into a conversation about Disney World…. NO LIE”

Take the tour with Heather 

Also, feel free to wish Heather’s son, Josh, a happy 18th birthday today!

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