Let’s get through this virus thing together

Day 1 at home: What are we going to do?

If my kids were quite young, or if I had more than one, I’d be a little antsy right about now.

Schools are closed for a few weeks, at least, it’s still a little too chilly to send them outside all day, and it can be challenging to explain why quarantine/social distancing isn’t a snow day.

Bottom line: we’re going to have to keep these kids safe, healthy, productive and occupied.


Staying busy at home.

I’ve got it easy. My daughter is 17, her school is preparing online learning for the next few weeks and as an only-child she’s pretty good at entertaining herself. Still, I’m her dad, so the job description requires that I make this memorable somehow.

We have a spare room in our house that served as her playroom for much of her young life. Over the years, the crayons and toys have been replaced with a TV and a couch – which, as it turns out, is the perfect landing place for a teenager and her phone. With two-weeks of social distancing ahead of us, however, I want more for her than Instagram and Tik Tok and Flip Flop or whatever they’re doing.

I’ve got a few ideas, and I’m going to be scouring the Web for even more. I’m no pro when it comes to this (who is?) but you’ll know I’ve run out of ideas if we’ve broken out Candy Land. We only have about half the cards and we’d have to use D&D figures as markers.

This whole thing is rather unprecedented. It can be scary, but it’s also an opportunity to try some things we typically would overlook. 40 years from now, when we’re living in our space-houses with our robot butlers and flying cars and this is a distant memory, I want her to be able to know we did the best we could to stay safe and we made the most of it.

Bill Burke is the Dad on Board columnist for Parenting NH and the Managing Editor of Custom Publications for McLean Communications.

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