Let TED teach: Music

Inspiration during isolation

The schools are closed for a bit, the kids are home and we’re all teachers now.


My kid with Victor Wooten in Tennessee last summer.

Sure, we should be teachers every day, but I’m talking about actual, front-of-classroom, lesson-planning, homework-giving teachers. So a couple of weeks into this, we may need a little help.

TED can help.

TED Talks are a showcase for “speakers who present great, well-informed ideas in under 18 minutes.” Why 18 minutes? The short model works because it only demands your attention for a short period of time, decreasing the chance of your mind wandering or daydreaming. Some are as short as five minutes.

My favorite is 18 minutes and 30 seconds – but you have to give him a few seconds to say hello. It’s Victor Wooten teaching about music as a language. Victor is a groundbreaking bass player with an almost holistic approach to music education. He’s easy going, approachable, welcoming and inspiring – which is what makes him such a great teacher.

My daughter had the amazing opportunity to spend time with, live around, talk with and play with Victor, his brothers and a few other incredible musicians last summer. So while I may be biased, I think his approach to teaching is revolutionary. It’s one of many approaches, but one that really sticks with me.

Victor Wooten: Music as a Language 

That’s my favorite, but there are a lot more. There’s a list that’s been compiled by Katie McKnight that highlights a number of the great Ted Talks about music – from classical to dubstep and everything in-between. She points out that this list is not exhaustive – but what a great start down the rabbit hole.

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