Imagineering in a Box

Want to build a world? Here's how - for free

Some people have pretty high aspirations about what they’re going to do during the school shutdown/quarantine/stay-at-home order – from cleaning the house to learning to play the guitar.

Here’s a thought: Why not learn how to build a world?


Sounds a little ambitious, right? Disney can make it happen. It’s famed corp of world-creators, it’s Imagineers, have made available a free series of lessons that walk you through what it takes to create an immersive, believable, fascinating world – like its renowned theme parks.

Imagineering in a Box, a free program through Khan Academy, shows how it’s done. And as you can imagine, it’s not a simple process – but it is possible.

There are a lot of disciplines involved, and therefore a lot of lessons to be learned. But what a fun way to learn.


“Have you ever wondered how theme parks come to life? Disney Imagineers from hundreds of career disciplines around the world share how they use a wide range of skills – from story development and conceptual design, to math, physics and engineering – that all come together to create immersive experiences. Imagineering in a Box allows you to explore the different aspects of theme park design, from characters to ride development, as you design a theme park of your very own.”

A multi-step series that shows how each of these disciplines plays a role takes participants from the very beginning of the process, from creation to design to bringing it to life.

And there’s no shortage of inspiration infused throughout.


Even if you’re not feeling up to creating an entirely themed world, Imagineering in a Box is a fascinating look at what it takes (and took) to build some of the most world-renowned destinations on the planet.

Think of it as a documentary for the ultimate Disney geek.

It all starts here: Imagineering in a Box.

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