I Want That: STEM products

For the youngest STEM learners

Magicube is a construction system based on magnetic cubes that attach to each other on all six sides. By using the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, children create different shapes, color combinations, and even 3D structures. All sets are compatible so you can mix and match. Age 18 months and up.

Available at Treehouse Toys in Portsmouth and Toyland in Nashua

Cell phone microscope

Convert any mobile device into a powerful microscope with the STEM Starter Kit. Kids can connect to science 24/7. This kit includes a cell phone microscope, the Smartphone Inspector, and 15 different 3D specimens on prepared slides. Age 6 and up.

Available at www.myfirstlab.com; $19.99

Fun with magnets

Magnets! Super Experiment Set lets kids become experts in all things magnetic. Children can work with floating magnets without touching them, use magnetic levitation to move a train, flip the field of their own iron filings, and create a compass. Age 8 and up.

Available at www.hand2mind.com; $29.95

It’s electric

Circuit Conductor teaches children about electricity, currents, and magnets through imaginative Augmented Reality play. Use 12 different electrical function blocks and special insulated wires to build circuits. Scan circuits using a mobile device to view electrical flows in real time, follow tutorials, and play in-game puzzles. Age 4 and up.

Available at www.amazon.com and Staples; $69.99

Wearable science

The Curiscope Virtuali-Tee is an Augmented Reality T-Shirt that allows children to learn about the human body, on a human body. The free Virtuali-Tee app lets users explore the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems and view 360 videos for an immersive experience. Age 8 and up.

Available at www.curiscope.com and www.amazon.com; $29.95

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