I Want That: Pet-friendly products

Say cheese

Taking a selfie or photo with your dog has never been easier! Woofie is designed to fit on your phone, holding your pet’s treat in place so they stay camera ready. As you focus the shot, the dog stays still — giving you the perfect photo. Available in gray, green and pink. 

Available at www.modelcitizenpet.com;  $9.50

Save your photo

Pet Photo Saver is the simple and fun way to save all of your favorite pet photos. With the press of a button, using face recognition technology the mobile app will find your pet’s best moments and organize them. They’re safely stored right on your drive. You can use Pet Photo Saver with a digital photo frame or a USB-enabled TV, so you can show off your pet anywhere.

Available at www.petphoto- saver.com; $89.99 for 16GB

Cat therapy

The Whisker Box is specifically designed to respond to the scientifically proven feline desire for compression, which translates to a sense of calm and security for your pet. While it may look too small for your big cat, it’s all about the squeeze. Unsnaps for flat storage or travel. Easy to clean. Different colors available. Fits up to a 16-pound cat.

Available at www.whiskerandbox.com; $42

Keep track of your pet

A Pawscout tag tracks movements and identifies lost pets with the help of the Pawscout app — letting owners share alerts and get updates from their online community of friends, family, and other pet owners. The tag tracks walk distances and lets owners spot their pet in real-time, within a 300-foot range of anyone with the app.

Available at www.pawscout.com; $19.95, custom nameplate for additional $9.95

Pup protection

Shield your dog from water and mud, while saving yourself cleanup time with a packable rain poncho. The lightweight poncho has a water-resistant taffeta shell and a hole to feed a leash through. It folds into a convenient, compact carrying pouch that you can keep in a purse or car. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Available at www.thegrommet.com; starts at $12

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