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Comedy games to keep us sane

Timberlane Regional High School, in Plaistow, is home to an outstanding, hilarious improv troupe called The Milkmen. The school shutdown and stay-at-home order effectively put a premature end to the 13th season of The Milkmen – and all extracurricular activities, clubs and sports, unfortunately.

However, Milkmen advisor and Timberlane teacher Michael Castano has been staying in touch with the Milkies, and this week has instituted the start of a series of improv games to keep the Milkies’ chops sharp, and everyone else sane.

It all starts with today’s game, Evolution Rock, Paper, Scissors. Check out Castano’s instructions and give it a try.

**#HomeImprovment – Episode 1**After [#MilkmenMoments](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/milkmenmoments?epa=HASHTAG) and [#MilkmenMadness](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/milkmenmadness?epa=HASHTAG), we are back with our newest segment [#HomeImprovment](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/homeimprovment?epa=HASHTAG).From now until next Friday, I will share with you some easy to learn improv games that you can play with your family in quarantine!Today's Game: Evolution Rock, Paper, Scissors

Posted by Michael Castano on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

For a sense of how the Milkmen shows look and feel, (and because my kid is a Milkie and the bass player and I can,) here’s the Milkmen house band, Udder Chaos, playing the troupe’s intros for the October show this past year.

It’s typically a sold-out, raucous affair, as can be seen in this recent Milkmen finale:

After two weeks of voting, our fans have spoken! Their [#FavoriteMilkmenShowinSeason13](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/favoritemilkmenshowinseason13?source=feed_text&epa=HASHTAG): January's Alumni Show!Tomorrow, we return with a new segment: [#HomeImprovment](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/homeimprovment?source=feed_text&epa=HASHTAG).On Thursday, we drop a new episode of Milkmen Improv: The Podcast That Delivers.And, at the end of the week (Friday?), we release our April Zoom Show, "Standing Out in the Open!"If you voted in all seven days of the polls, check your email or DM for a special prize!

Posted by Michael Castano on Monday, April 20, 2020


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