Funny on Friday

Week three: Memes aplenty

Welcome to another day in the coronavirus quarantine. It’s just like yesterday only we’re a day older.

The novelty of staying home has worn off and cabin fever has begun to set in. The only way to combat it? Laugh, if you can.

According to experts, it’s OK.

Peter McGraw, a behavioral economist and director of the Humor Research Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, however, tells USA Today that it’s important to be sensitive.

“It’s easy to make jokes about getting to the end of Netflix because you’re quarantined. It’s another thing to make jokes about a lack of respirators,” he says.

McGraw says it’s the positive emotions that humor triggers that do us good because they’re “incredibly important for our health and well-being.”

And finally, he says:

Happy feelings can help our immune systems thrive, he says, plus “It’s actually easier to solve problems when you’re in a positive mood.”

So in order to help your immune system thrive, let’s look at a few memes and lighter moments from this week.





The longer the quarantine goes on, the more creative people get with how they spend their days.

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