Danielle Boutin named 2021 NH Teacher of the Year

Boutin is an 11-year veteran English Language Learner (ELL) teacher. She works with multilingual students in kindergarten through fifth grade at Ledge Street Elementary School in Nashua

Danielle Boutin, an ELL teacher at Nashua’s Ledge Street School, has been named as the 2021 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year. The Department of Education honored this year’s finalists at a ceremony on the State House Lawn in Concord on Friday, Oct. 23.

Danielle Boutin is an 11-year veteran English Language Learner (ELL) teacher. She works with multilingual students in kindergarten through fifth grade at Ledge Street Elementary School in Nashua. Boutin’s curiosity and love of language and culture makes working with multicultural students the best job for her. She describes her students as creative and open-minded and appreciates her students’ eagerness to learn.

Boutin grew up in New Hampshire, receiving her Bachelors of Art in English and Humanities (dual major) and Master’s in Education in secondary English and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) certification from the University of New Hampshire. Boutin describes her job as looking a little different each day and she loves not knowing exactly what to expect. When working with students of various cultures and linguistic backgrounds, each day is filled with teachable moments. In addition to teaching, connecting and advocating for families is a large part of Boutin’s love for her job. Over the past decade, Boutin has worked to build a strong community support network which she can lean on to help her families with a variety of issues including food and housing insecurity, domestic violence, and trauma.

Teacher Of The Year

DOE Division Director Stephen Appleby (left) and State Board of Education Member Cindy Chagnon (right) announce Danielle Boutin (center) as the 2021 NH Teacher of the Year.

 Boutin also works hard to collaborate and advocate for the needs of her students at the school, district, and state level. Boutin has been an active member of numerous state ELL advisory committees and often works to help bring attention to the needs of her students and her families.

“This has been one heck of a year in education. Teachers around the country are doing their best to learn a new environment and it has been very challenging,” said Boutin. “All of the parents out there are also Teachers of the Year as they teach their kids from home. It takes a lot of people to help students succeed.”

“Ms. Boutin’s exceptional contributions to her students and community were unparalleled. While all the candidates are doing extraordinary work in New Hampshire, Ms. Boutin’s comprehensive approach to connecting students, teachers and the community are what will make the difference for many future generations,” said Claudia Tobon, Vice President of Geskus Studios and Yearbook Publishing and sponsor of the NH Teacher of the Year Program.

“Danielle exemplifies the outstanding commitment of New Hampshire teachers to not only high academic expectations, but recognizing the humanity of all students and their families. She’s leading the way on removing barriers and ensuring all students receive the education they deserve,” said Kimberly Piper, 2020 NH Teacher of the Year.

The purpose of the NH Teacher of the Year Program is to select a teacher who is capable of speaking for and energizing the teaching profession, and representing the positive contributions of all teachers statewide. This individual: has the respect and admiration of their colleagues; is an expert in their field who guides students of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve excellence; collaborates with colleagues, students, and families to create a school culture of respect and success; deliberately connects the classroom and key stakeholders to foster a strong community at large; demonstrates leadership and innovation in and outside of the classroom walls that embodies lifelong learning; expresses themselves in an engaging and articulate way; and is committed to improving education. Danielle Boutin will represent New Hampshire in the National Teacher of the Year Program.

(Via a press release from the NH Department of Education)

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