“Dad, How Do I…?”

Don't have a dad? He'll help.

I’m lucky to have a father who showed me how to do a lot of things. It’s not his fault at all that I’m pretty bad with a hammer. Still, if I had a question, he had the answer.

But not everyone is that lucky. For anyone who doesn’t have a dad – or a mom – to turn to, Rob Kenney is ready fill-in  via his new YouTube channel, “Dad, How Do I…?”

Hosted by Kenney, the channel shows you how to do a wide variety of things:

  • How to fix most running toilets.
  • How to put up a shelf.
  • How to use a stud finder.
  • How to check your car’s oil.
  • How to tie a tie.

And a lot more. He even opens up with a corny dad joke on his latest video, which also clearly reflects Kenney’s genuinely kind demeanor. It’s easy to see why it’s taken off.

Apparently, there was a need for such instruction. (Or Kenney’s kindness is contagious. Likely a little bit of both.) The channel launched two months ago and already has nearly 2 million subscribers.

Like I said, I’ve already got one. But if you need a father figure, or if you just want to learn how to do things, Dad, How Do I…? can certainly help.

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