CSAs in New Hampshire

Love the idea of local produce and goods? Here's why you should join a CSA and here's a list of CSAs in New Hampshire

We all know the importance of local farmers and how fresh produce, meats and cheeses are often healthier, tastier and better for us than foods that come from factories or across the ocean. Buying from a local farm means you know exactly where your food is coming from as well as the conditions that your food was grown in – not to mention buying from a local farmer means your money stays local and helps your community.

One of the best (and easiest!) things you can do to ensure that your family is getting the best produce is by joining a CSA (or community supported agriculture) this year. CSAs are simply farms that sell “shares” of their products – you give money to support a farm or farmer throughout the season and in return you get delicious and fresh products on a regular basis.

On average, the cost to join a local CSA can range between $25 – $50 per week and the typical season is June through November.

Other CSA benefits and why should your family join one?

  • You’re actually saving money and cutting costs on your grocery bills because your money is staying local there are no additional fees added to your food. Typical added fees are usually transportation and retailer fees.
  • You’ll get to sample a large and diverse selection of foods in addition to your old standbys. You’ll be able to break out of the usual samples like potatoes, carrots and broccoli and discover new family favorites such as leeks, spinach, fresh peas and more.
  • Your food will be unbelievably fresh and stay fresh longer. Because you’re picking up your CSA share the same day it’s picked, your produce will have a much longer shelf life in your house which means less wasted food and more money in your wallet.
  • You’ll get to meet your local farmer and your children will have a much better understanding of how food is grown and why it’s important to keep food production local. Introducing your children directly to where and how their food is grown is a simple and important way to get them to eat healthier and develop long-lasting food decision making skills. Many CSAs even allow you to pick your own food straight from the trees, vines and roots!

Here are some of New Hampshire CSAs:

Produce and Fruit CSAs

Meat CSAs

Dairy and egg CSAs

Fish and seafood CSAs

For more news and CSA information, visit: http://www.localharvest.org/

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