Have a look at how N.H.'s amateur barbers are doing

We’re weeks into New Hampshire’s stay-at-home order, it’s starting to show, and it’s awesome.


Former Boston drummer Sib Hashian.

Barbers and hairdressers are closed as part of the safety measures, so for the past month or so, everyone’s hair has been left to go free-range.

By week three it was getting noticeable. As of Friday, I was starting to have visions of achieving the hirsute majesty of the late, great Sib Hashian.

I knew our family’s hair challenges couldn’t be unique, so we put the word out to see how everyone else was dealing with it.

As it turns out, there are some great sports who have graciously given us permission to show you their most creative hair experiments. Some are cut, some are dyed – one is even Sharpied on. Shaggy, unshaven, furry, woolly – they’re all great.

Have you gotten creative with your hair during the coronavirus quarantine? Send us a picture!

Here’s a look at some FOPNH and their home hair experiments:

Sean Daniels

This is Sean Daniels, the drummer for The Reconstructed. His wife, Laurel, an Atkinson native, co-owns Harbor Hair Co., in York Harbor – and it shows. Sean’s tinted ‘do is vivid, glorious and inspiring. Obviously.

Caleb Mccandless


Here’s Caleb McCandless, manager of the Red River Theatres, in Concord, with his 2 1/2 year old daughter, Lyra. Caleb cuts Lyra’s hair, and his wife, Heather, cuts his hair. But Lyra’s facial hair is the real star here.

“I’d colored a moustache on my daughter so she could match the coronavirus facial hair I’ve been growing,” Caleb says. We think Lyra loves it as much as we do.

Toria Thissell

Here’s Toria Thissell, from Concord. Her school, the Shaker Road School, had a remote spirit week, and Toria was certainly full of spirit. Her brother, Nick, got a haircut just before the stay-at-home order, mom Sarah says.

“But the time this is over he’s going to have a family of birds living in it,” she says.

Jen Laguebb

Shaving her head has always been on Jen Lague’s bucket list, so when the opportunity/excuse arose, she went for it. Her son, 19, and daughter, 14, who live at home love it, and her 25-year-old daughter also approves.

“I’ve always worn my hair short and when it gets to a certain length it just drives me nuts,” Jen says. “I just wanted to try something new and it didn’t matter to me what others thought, although the response has been amazing. Everyone has said they love it and I wear it well. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep it for a while.”

Was she nervous when the clippers came out?

“Initially I was thinking and rethinking it,” she says. “Then I just went for it. I love a dare. I always say that as long as I’m not hurting myself or someone else, I love a dare. I actually started off shaving it into a Mohawk but then didn’t like that as much and shaved it all off. My hair grows so fast that I normally get it cut every 4-5 weeks.”

Ashleigh Donahuebb

Kalleigh Donahue, 16, of Derry added some color to her life.

“I’m really enjoying cosmetology this year, and thought with being stuck in quarantine, there was no better time to experiment with my hair,” she says. “And if I don’t like it, no one will see me.”


Judy Demerritt, of Pelham, opted to shave her head recently, as well. Judy, who now works at Walt Disney World, says that since the theme parks are shut down, it was the perfect time to go for it. She loves the new look. (We do, too.)

“I’m climbing the walls,” she says of the shutdown. “I miss my kids and I miss being a magic maker.”

Brianna Kelley

Brianna Kelley went with some creative color. She describes it this way: “So I have a watermelon head.”

How about the Dad on Bored? Well, I got bored.

I have a complicated relationship with my hair. I grew up in the 80s, when everyone grew their hair long. I tried to, but it grew up and out instead of down. Before my hair went darker, and then gray, I had red hair, so I looked more like Bozo than a metalhead.


My actual 9th grade class photo.

I still haven’t forgiven my scalp for that.

Now we’re quarantined at home, and it felt like I had a squirrel living on top of my head. It was time to take action. The Mom on Bored and I came up with an idea to make our daughter laugh, so we got the clippers and went to work.

The idea was ‘mohawk.’ It ended up as ‘sort of mohawk.’ It’s not very noticeable from the front, but it is from the side. I made the effort, and it did fulfill two primary missions: It’s easily fixable, and it did make my daughter laugh.


Spoiler alert: It didn’t last too long, for I was shorn on the morrow.


Have you gotten creative with your hair during the coronavirus quarantine? Send us a picture!





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