Editor's Note

Dad over board

After 12 years, Bill is wrapping up his column this month, his daughter off to college, and the opinion I had of him after our first meeting has never wavered: Bill is one of the nicest people I’ve ever known.

Column: Carter's Corner

Building a toolbox for life

It's hard not to fix everything for my kids, but I know my job is to give them the tools they need to fix their own problems

Carter’s Corner is written by Lauren Martone, a mom of two children (one with special needs) who lives in southern New Hampshire.

Column: Adventures in Gardening

Photographer, and novice gardener, Kendal J. Bush, and her partner with the green thumb, Nate Laing, are taking readers on an adventure this summer via their southern New Hampshire garden.

Column: Dad on Board

Bill Burke is a writer who lives in southern New Hampshire with his wife and daughter. He’s also ParentingNH’s resident Disney World guru.

Column: House Calls

House Calls is a monthly column written by health care professionals from Dartmouth Hitchcock.

Column: Never A Dull Moment

Never A Dull Moment is a monthly column written by Kathleen Palmer.

Column: My Turn

My Turn is an occasional feature in ParentingNH. If you are a reader interested in sharing your parenting journey, please email editor@parentingnh.com. The views of those expressed by the writers of My Turn do not necessarily reflect the views of ParentingNH.

Column: Time Out

A virtual night out for mom and dad

Entertainment venues and museums will slowly open back up, but in the meantime, sit back and relax and take in a show from the comfort or your home.

Time Out, written by Editor Melanie Hitchcock, focuses on things that parents can do with their partners and friends when they are taking a “time out” from their children.


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