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Democracy in your backyard

Where can you meet a senator from California, a mayor from South Bend, Ind., and a former Vice President of the United States? Well, in New Hampshire, of course.

Column: Dad on Board

Bill Burke is a writer who lives in southern New Hampshire with his wife and daughter. He’s also ParentingNH’s resident Disney World guru.

Column: House Calls

House Calls is a monthly column written by health care professionals from Dartmouth Hitchcock.

Column: Time Out

Hampton Beach fun — if you are over 21

Hampton Beach is known for being an inexpensive, fun, family-friendly destination in the summer. But there’s also plenty of adult fun to be had every day of the week.

Time Out, written by Editor Melanie Hitchcock, focuses on things that parents can do with their partners and friends when they are taking a “time out” from their children.

Column: My Turn

Never A Dull Moment is a monthly column written by Kathleen Palmer.

Column: My Turn

My Turn is an occasional feature in ParentingNH. If you are a reader interested in sharing your parenting journey, please email editor@parentingnh.com. The views of those expressed by the writers of My Turn do not necessarily reflect the views of ParentingNH.

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