Editor's Note

Thankful for the small things

When I see a social media posting titled, “Things I am Grateful for — Day 49,” my immediate thought is that whoever wrote it is lying.      

Control the message

What if you share a lie — or worse, one that is slanderous or harmful or creates chaos?

Column: Dad on Board

Bill Burke is a writer who lives in southern New Hampshire with his wife and daughter. He’s also ParentingNH’s resident Disney World guru.

Column: House Calls

House Calls is a monthly column written by health care professionals from Dartmouth Hitchcock.

Column: Time Out

Time Out, written by Editor Melanie Hitchcock, focuses on things that parents can do with their partners and friends when they are taking a “time out” from their children.

Column: Never A Dull Moment

The struggle bus

I’m the driver, passenger and roadkill — all at the same time

Never A Dull Moment is a monthly column written by Kathleen Palmer.

Column: My Turn

My Turn is an occasional feature in ParentingNH. If you are a reader interested in sharing your parenting journey, please email editor@parentingnh.com. The views of those expressed by the writers of My Turn do not necessarily reflect the views of ParentingNH.

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