Christmas in April

NH towns getting creative during quarantine

Among the tales of toilet paper shortages and front-line responders taking risks to care for others, there are also those that tell of neighbors and town officials doing their best to shine a little light into an unsure time.

There’s the Daly Family’s Festival of Lights, in Raymond – an outstanding holiday light show set to music that you can tune-in on your car radio.

And now, Christmas in April. Not far from the glow of the Daly family display, Sandown Fire-Rescue and Police are planning a Christmas parade through town this coming weekend.

From the recent selectman meeting notes:

Selectman Jonathan Goldman described a special event being planned by the Fire and Police Departments for the coming weekend. ‘It’s ‘Christmas in April.’ The Sandown Fire-Rescue and Police Departments will be parading through town on Saturday April 18, all decorated for the holiday Time and route information will be posted Friday, April 17, via the Sandown Fire Department Facebook page and the town website to be shared amongst the community.

Due to time limitations the procession won’t be able to travel every street in town. However, it will make a drive-by at the Sandown Recreation Building. Residents are encouraged to practice social distancing in their cars along one side of Pheasant Run Drive to watch the parade go by.

The procession will not be stopping, and parents are reminded to practice social distancing.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the Daly family’s display (if you go, check out the family’s safety requests.)

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