Cabin fever cure: Baby chicks, dwarf goats and ducklings, oh my!

Annual Strawbery Banke event goes online

There’s no annoyance the monotony of quarantine can create that baby animals can’t cure. It’s science. Probably.


Nigerian Dwarf goats from Tiny Hill Farm in Acton, Maine.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the cancellation of this year’s Heritage Breeds at the Banke at Strawbery Banke. However, you can still indulge in the adorable perfection of baby animals with your family virtually.

Each year, Strawbery Banke Museum partners with farms and animal educators from around New England and New York who are experts in heritage animals, including lambs, kids, calves, piglets, bunnies, chicks and ducklings. (Everyone knows ducklings are a powerful antidote to self-isolation ennui.)

Here’s how you can take part: Check your email inbox on Saturday for a link to access the virtual event or visit the Strawbery Banke website. You’ll also get videos of baby animals and some great fun, educational activities.

Here’s a little more detail from Strawbery Banke:

Participating farms, breeders, and animal educators:

  • Newly-hatched baby chicks, turkeys and ducklings
  • Alpacas, Kerfluffle Fiber Farm (Lebanon, ME)
  • Clun Forest Sheep, Riverbank Farm (Salisbury, NH)
  • Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs, Hampshire College (Amherst, MA)
  • Gulf Coast Native Sheep, Heart Stone Farm (Milton, NH)
  • Kerry Cattle, Kerry Cattle Association (Westminster, MA)
  • Jacob Sheep, Hawthorn & Thistle Farmstead (Washington, ME)
  • Lincoln Longwool Sheep, Weston Family Farm (Hancock, NH)
  • Mulefoot Pigs, Dogpatch Farm (Washington, ME)
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Tiny Hill Farm (Acton, ME)
  • San Clemente Goats, End of the Road Farm (Berwick, ME)
  • Shetland Sheep, Echo Valley Farm (Limerick, ME)
  • Silver Fox Rabbits, Kerfluffle Fiber Farm (Lebanon, ME)
  • Soay Sheep Hermit, Thrush Hill Farm (Fonda, NY)

The virtual event is free, but tax-deductible gifts to the Strawbery Banke Annual Fund are welcome.

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