Pamme Boutselis

Contributing writer

Pamme Boutselis is a writer, editor and higher-ed content director. She loves hearing and sharing stories and never takes the privilege of storytelling for granted. The mother of four now-grown children, she is a serial volunteer and believes if everyone contributed just a bit to their communities, what an incredible world this would be.


From accident to advocate

After a freak accident in gym class at age 13 changed her life, Brooke Mills of Concord made it her goal to educate people about concussions. She speaks often at local schools about her journey.

Teens on a mission

Through workcampNE, Granite State teens are serving God by helping those in need

Nashua student speaking at TEDx at SNHU this month

An advocate for clean water since her elementary school days, Nashua High School South junior Deepika Kurup has been seeking solutions for the global water crisis since childhood through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Her efforts have paid off…

Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome

The family doctor said she was a late bloomer. Her mother was concerned when she didn’t speak until she was almost four years old, but this was in the 1950s and little was known about CarolAnn Edscorn’s eventual diagnosis of…

What you need to know about dental health care for your pet

As parents, we are diligent about starting preventative dental care for our children early, helping them to develop good oral hygiene habits from a young age. Yet, many families have four-legged members, who are as dependent on the adults in…

Your child’s first dental exam

New moms and dads can’t help but eagerly await each ‘first’ in their child’s development. While many parents are aware of the possibility of their baby’s first tooth beginning to emerge around six months of age, they may not realize…