Melanie Hitchcock

ParentingNH Editor

Granite State native Melanie Hitchcock has been Editor of ParentingNH since August 2008.

In her almost two decades of being a  journalist she has worked as a reporter, page designer, copy editor and assigning editor at both weekly and daily newspapers. She was also an adjunct professor at UNH-Manchester.

You can reach Melanie by e-mail at


These teens have our attention

Early in April, Dartmouth-Hitchcock hosted its first-ever Youth Summit, two days of exploring issues that impact youth and families.

Bunches of brunches

A number of New Hampshire restaurants have special brunch menus. Here are a few standouts.

Hard work evens the playing field

Instead of breaking out the checkbook, the best thing parents can do for their kids is to encourage them to excel, to take ownership of their education and become lifelong learners

Sláinte! It’s time to get your Irish on

Whether you are Irish — or Irish just for the day — there’s no shortage of places where you can drink beer, hang out, and party your shamrocks off on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.

Vote local

In New Hampshire, the politics that most affect families, specifically those who own homes, are at the local level.

Show some love to your community

In addition to spending time with your sweetheart, why not show your community some love by volunteering or donating to an organization that’s making life better for children and families?

Pair up for skiing and snowboarding

One of the best things about living in New Hampshire is the easy access residents have to ski areas and resorts. No matter what part of the state you are driving from, skiing is never far away.

10 ways to keep calm, cool and collected

If like many others you’ve resolved to de-stress your body and mind in 2019, take a deep breath, and count to 10 (tips) for how to help make your resolution a reality.

What's next?

When the whirlwind winds down to a dull roar, you realize what’s next is working to make the publication even better.

Post-Turkey Day fun with friends

If you are looking for something to do with your friends after you’ve eaten Thanksgiving dinner and shopped on Black Friday, why not plan on catching a comedy show or a concert?

Finding comfort in a familiar friend

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of reading through dozens of essay contest submissions for our fourth annual contest, in which I asked kids and teens to answer the question: “What is your most prized possession?”

Great gifts for moms and their babies

If you are looking for a baby shower present, or you are a mom or mom-to-be who wants to buy something special for the baby, here are a few suggestions from ParentingNH.

Welcome to the new ParentingNH

It’s been a big year for ParentingNH — including winning eight national awards and celebrating our 25th anniversary — and it culminates with re-launching the magazine this month.

Lawmakers must reject the school choice bill

In an editorial published last May, I argued Senate Bill 193, New Hampshire’s school choice bill, was a bad idea. Even with some changes over the past several months, it still is.

Focusing on matters closer to home

It is pitch black outside, save for a streetlight or two. It’s very quiet and peaceful. The air is calm and still.    And I’m lying awake thinking about North Korea. The worries I have about the future and the world…

Shining a light on democracy

The existence of a free press, guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution, is what separates a democratic country from an authoritarian one.

Hate is not just a phase

The signs that a tragedy is imminent may be staring us in the face, but we don’t always pay enough attention or take them seriously.