Bill Burke

ParentingNH's Dad on Board columnist

Bill Burke, also known as ParentingNH’s Dad on Board, is a writer who lives in southern New Hampshire with his wife and daughter.

He’s also ParentingNH’s resident Disney World guru and author of “Mousejunkies!: Tips, Tales, and Tricks for a Disney World Fix: All You Need to Know for a Perfect Vacation.”

When Bill isn’t at Walt Disney World or writing his monthly Dad on Board column, Bill is the Managing Editor for Custom Publications at McLean Communications in Manchester.


The canine curse

Our dog is ugly. Picture a Mexican Hairless. Now make it about 12 times bigger and you'll start to envision what our German Shepherd Libby looks like. She's lovable, but it's safe to say that Libby is part zombie and…

Wise for her size

My daughter is what you'd call a “dog person.” She draws pictures of dogs, writes stories about them, she used to pretend to be a dog, and when she was in first grade she even started a recess group called…

Thank you, Tina Fey

One night not long after we brought our daughter home from the hospital, my wife and I were dreaming about her future. We talked about what kind of person she might be one day and what she might accomplish. It…

A lot can happen in a few days

Coming home from a mom-and-dad-only vacation requires unpacking, catching up on laundry, maybe picking up a pet – and figuring out what happened to your child while you were gone. My wife and I recently went away for four days,…

Hamburger Helper and pizza, please!

I really have to help my kid refine her tastes. When her mom goes away for the weekend, which she did for a women's hockey tournament recently, we can plan on some quality daddy/daughter time around the Dad on Board…