Be like Andy, not like Homer

The top 10 worst fictional dads ever

We can’t all be Andy Griffith all the time. Thankfully, though, we’re also not all Bull Meechum from ‘The Great Santini,’ either.

For every Ward Cleaver, there’s a Homer Simpson or Al Bundy – not necessarily evil, but fictional fathers who could use a little work.

These guys, though, are so bad we’re grateful they don’t really exist. We’re still a month away from Father’s Day, when we’ll celebrate the best of us. Until then, though, let’s have a look at the Dad on Bored list of the top 10 worst fictional dads ever.

Darth Vader
‘Star Wars’
AKA “space deadbeat dad.” Chopping your son’s hand off will not get you a nice tie on Father’s Day.







George Bluth
‘Arrested Development’
My personal favorite bad dad, George is hysterically terrible. A felon sent to the hoosegow for ‘light treason,’ he did have one redeeming quality: He let the Bluth children know that there is always money in the banana stand.







Jack Torrance
‘The Shining’
The man who took corporal discipline to an entirely new level. All work and no play made him a very bad boy.








Tywin Lannister
‘Game of Thrones’
Tywin was just a bad human. Trying to kill your own kid will get you on this list. He got what was coming to him, though.




Peter Griffin
‘Family Guy’
Admittedly, I’ve got a soft spot for Peter, because he’s funny. But I have to figure Meg is going to grow up damaged thanks to his parenting skills (or lack thereof.)





Dr. Evil
‘Austin Powers’
Coming up with the genius idea of sharks wearing laser beams is almost enough to get you on the ‘best dads’ list, but Scott Evil would likely disagree.






Walter White
‘Breaking Bad’
Good dads don’t cook drugs as a side-hustle.







That guy from ‘Cats in the Cradle’
‘That song’
If he made for time for his kid, he wouldn’t feel so guilty.









Lucius Malfoy
‘Harry Potter’
Sure, he manipulated his son into attempting terrible things, turning him into a bullying jerk, but it might be his arrogance that annoys me the most.






Daniel Plainview
‘There Will be Blood’
He drank other people’s milkshakes. Oh, and he was abusive.




Tell us: Who is the worst fictional father figure of all time?

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