Back to school on a Monday – time for a quiz

Test your Walt Disney World knowledge with these challenging exams

You think you know Walt Disney World? I thought I did, too – until I crashed headlong like Mr. Toad into this humbling audio challenge.

I can hear this image. (Photo: Walt Disney World)

Rather bluntly called “The Obscure Disney World Sound Quiz,” this 23 question test is maddeningly difficult, but not to the point of being pointless.

If you’ve traveled to Walt Disney World, you’ll know that there’s an entire soundtrack of songs and sounds, bleeps and zings that help create the perfectly immersive atmosphere. A visit to Epcot wouldn’t be the same without hearing the call and response of the Friendships as they criss-cross the World Showcase lagoon; passing through Liberty Square wouldn’t seem as complete without a blast of the Liberty Belle riverboat’s steam whistle as it completes another circuit around Tom Sawyer Island; and passing through the turnstiles to get into Hollywood Studios (or any of the parks) wouldn’t be as satisfying without the fairly new – yet now completely ingrained – ding at the Magic Band touchpoint.

There are scores of other sounds, however, that help make up the audio palette that fills in all the colors of a visit to Walt Disney World, and this quiz is going to show you a number of them. Many of them are subtle, but it shows just how important the aural component is to Disney’s Imagineers.

So get your notebooks and pens out (virtually,) and put your knowledge to the test. As the quiz queries: “How well do you know your surroundings when visiting Walt Disney World? Take this quiz to see your ear-ability.”

Here are the instructions: Play the clip and follow along with the questions. The order of the sounds heard will match the order of the questions. You will hear each sound twice, with three “beeps” between each sound. The bell sound will indicate you are moving on to the next question.

Take the Obscure Disney World Sound Quiz here.

Here’s the audio portion only. Think of it as a study guide.


How’d I do? I’ll only say that I went into it with a high degree of confidence, and emerged humbled. Give it your best shot.

If The Obscure Disney World Sound Quiz is an AP final exam, then try your hand at identifying ride vehicles in this mid-term-level test: Can you match the Disney ride vehicle to the attraction?

(Spoiler alert) I crushed this one, going 15-for15. While some of them are slightly challenging, it’s difficult to confuse the long, bench-like structure of Soarin’ (with plenty of room for ‘these little beauties,’) and the flying pirate ships of Peter Pan’s Flight – if only because many of the vehicles are iconic and easily identifiable. Still, there are a few that may cause you to take a moment to rule out a few options.

If you’re ready to pursue your post-grad degree in Disney, try these quizzes offered up by the Disney Parks Blog itself:

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