A small scare reminds me how much has changed

For a brief moment, I thought Carter might have a fever and it knocked me for a loop

All these weeks later and the anxiety is still there. I don’t know that my fears are the same as they were 12 weeks ago, but they sure are ever present.

Earlier this week I shared a meme on Facebook that said: “Is anyone else bored out of their mind but busier than ever and also exhausted but antsy and restless?” So many people agreed that they too were feeling this way. I immediately, and overwhelmingly, was reassured that maybe I am not crazy.

Carter went back this week for day two of his pediatric therapies. To socially distance from others, and to respect the other kiddos receiving services, they ask you to remain in your car until your therapist indicates she is ready for you.

It was just the two of us and because we were early, we got to spend a nice, few minutes together.

When she was ready, she waved at us and we approached her with our masks on. Before you go in, the therapist takes your temperature. Carter’s therapist tells me his temperature is 100.5 degrees.

I’m confused. He seems to be had been fine, and deep down I know he isn’t sick but that constant state of fight or flight is there and I start questioning myself what the fever could be coming from.

I ask him if he is feeling all right, if anything hurts, and my anxiety is raging.

His therapist chuckles a bit and says they were warned about this and not to worry, it is likely from being in the hot car. I breathe a bit. He sits for a few minutes to cool off and she takes his temperature again, and is fine. He barely knew anything was even off, although he likely sensed my anxiety.

I had to sit in my car and cool off, while he was sitting to cool off before his second check. This is a strange life with a lot of getting used to.

Lauren Martone is a blogger for ParentingNH from southern New Hampshire. You can contact her at lmart0825@gmail.com. Lauren and her family’s story were featured in the July 2015 issue of ParentingNH and in the July 2018 issue.

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