Special Needs Services and Programs




Crotched Mountain School

1 Verney Drive Greenfield New Hampshire

Phone Number: 547-3311 x 1894

Category: Educational resources

The Carriage Barn

8 Sarah‰Ûªs Way Newton New Hampshire 03858

Phone Number: 603-378-0140

Category: Developmental services, Enrichment programs

Moore Center Services Inc.

195 McGregor Street Unit 400 Manchester New Hampshire 03102

Phone Number: 668-5423

Category: Area agencies, Developmental services

Community Bridges

70 Pembroke Road Concord New Hampshire

Phone Number: 800-499-4153

Category: Area agencies, Developmental services, Partners in health

myFIRE Studios, LLC

5 Northern Blvd. Suite #16-07 amherst New Hampshire

Phone Number: 603-459-5075

Category: Advocacy and support services

The Birchtree Center

2064 Woodbury Avenue Ste. 204 Newington New Hampshire 03801

Phone Number: 603-433-4192

Category: Developmental services, Educational resources

Community Partners

113 Crosby Road Suite 1 Dover New Hampshire 03820

Phone Number: 603-516-9300

Category: Area agencies, Developmental services, Partners in health

Community Crossroads, Inc.

8 Commerce Drive Unit 801 Atkinson New Hampshire 03811

Phone Number: 603-893-1299

Category: Advocacy and support services

A Community in Motion

23 Mahan Street Lebenon New Hampshire

Phone Number: 603-443-9639

Category: Advocacy and support services, Developmental services

American Cancer Society

2 Commerce Drive Suite 110 Bedford New Hampshire

Phone Number: 800-640-7101

Category: Medical assistance