September 2017

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Don't make the journey alone: How to get the services and supports you need

New Hampshire is a leader in community-based services for people with disabilities.

Self-advocacy: A journey of courage

We all have courage and conviction and the ability to be great leaders.

Join ABLE NH and join the movement

Taking the next steps to create positive change for people with disabilities and their families

Food and fun with a little help from his friends

A brain injury doesn’t keep Brandon Smith from working toward a career

Collaboration leads to change

In a short time, the Self-Advocacy Leadership team has made its mark in NH

Honoring Forrest's voice

Young business owner Forrest Beaudoin-Friede advocates and creates

13th Annual Portsmouth Fairy House Tour will feature more than 200 tiny houses

Annual charity event brings magic to Portsmouth’s South End

From accident to advocate

After a freak accident in gym class at age 13 changed her life, Brooke Mills of Concord made it her goal to educate people about concussions. She speaks often at local schools about her journey.

Making a back-to-school fiesta in the kitchen

Recipes include: Zucchini Tacos with Pico de Gallo and Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Easy recipes to give the brown bag lunch a face lift

Great ways to make lunch healthier and more exciting for your kids

Welcome to the New Hampshire melting pot

How school districts are integrating new American students into the classroom and encouraging tolerance

Push and pull

How to deal with your teen when times get tough

Searching for direction

Senior year presents unique and sometimes overwhelming challenges for teens

Embrace your inner artist and help fight the opioid crisis

Experience paint, chalk, graffiti, horns, drums and all forms of music and dance from the east side to the west.

Hate is not just a phase

The signs that a tragedy is imminent may be staring us in the face, but we don’t always pay enough attention or take them seriously.

For some kids, the learning doesn’t stop

Parents should ask to review the impact of ESY services on their child

Me? Overprotective? Nah.

Pay no attention to the bubble I’ve placed my daughter in for safekeeping

Small bites, big benefits

Snacks are a great way to help your child meet their nutritional needs

How to manage the stress and emotions of senior year and applying to college

Senior year is a time of intense anxiety and loss, surrounding an inevitable next step for many youth — college.

Finance 101 for tweens and teens

Financial literacy is an important tool for teens who are preparing to enter adulthood or who are heading off to college for the first time. This education should begin early, according to experts.

A new take on the fidget spinner

The Mozi combines the nostalgia of the Slinky with a modern-day spinner because it can do both.

A flippin’ awesome game

Think you have the skills to be the bottle flip champion?

STEM-inspired robot teaches girls to code

SmartGurlz look just like the dolls she already loves, but these robots use story-based missions, adventures, games and books to stimulate her imagination.

Check out Marcus & Marcus for your hungry young traveler

These insulated lunch back packs keeps meals, snacks and drinks cool and protected
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