Parenting New Hampshire celebrates 25 years

Parenting New Hampshire marks its silver anniversary with a look back.

Arlene Pollack started the free publication, ParenTimes, in Hudson. The first issue, dated May/June 1993, was eight black-and-white pages with one full- color photo on the front page. It featured a community calendar, bicycle safety tips, dental care advice and a feature about activities for families at Stonyfield Farm in Londonderry.

 Since then, the magazine has had a few ownership and name changes, along with a few makeovers. But it has always stayed true to its mission to be to be the premier source of statewide parenting information and resources for New Hampshire families.

Stroll down memory lane with us as we review the last 25 years, and get a sneak peek of where the Granite State’s first and only statewide publication for parents of children and teens is headed next.


Featured in the pages of ParenTimes: Your child’s first visit to the dentist, eye problems in children, Halloween safety tips, explaining FMLA

Granite State goings-on: Steve Merrill sworn in as governor; the Blizzard of 1993 (aka the Storm of the Century) hits the state; five school districts, including Claremont, claim state funding for education is inequitable and file suit against the State of New Hampshire; former Gov. Judd Gregg sworn in as U.S. Senator

In other news: Terrorists bomb the World Trade Center in NYC; the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is signed into law

The hot list: The Talkboy, Jurassic Park, grunge fashion, The X-Files, Nirvana

Fun fact: ParenTimes was started as a bi-monthly publication by Hudson mom of two, Arlene Pollack, who wanted to create “a single source of information” for local parents.


Featured in the pages of ParenTimes: Party planning, preparing  your firstborn for siblings, doulas, playground safety

Granite State goings-on: New .08 DWI law goes into effect; new 158,000-square-foot passenger terminal opens at Manchester Airport

In other news: Three arrested for attack on ice skater Nancy Kerrigan; O.J. Simpson arrested for murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman; Los Angeles rocked by earthquake

The hot list: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Forrest Gump, Air Jordans, Friends, The Lion King


Featured in the pages of ParenTimes: Preparing pet for a new baby, traveling while pregnant, fire prevention tips

Granite State goings-on: New Hampshire College (now SNHU) launches its internet-based distance learning program; the Legislature passes the state’s charter school law; Jumanji is filmed in Keene

In other news: 168 are killed in the Oklahoma City Bombing; the DVD format is invented

The hot list: Beanie Babies, Toy Story, Windows 95, the Macarena


Featured in the pages of ParenTimes: Family first-aid, eye exams, choosing a preschool, understanding life insurance

Granite State goings-on: President Bill Clinton, Pat Buchanan win the NH Primary

In other news: Madeleine Albright named first female U.S. secretary of state; Dolly the Sheep is first mammal to be successfully cloned

The hot list: Tickle Me Elmo, Independence Day, the Spice Girls

Fun fact: ParenTimes launches the Family Resource Book


Featured in the pages of Parenting New England: How to choose a summer camp, immunizations, adoption options

Granite State goings-on: Manchester Airport surpasses one million passengers for the first time; Jeanne Shaheen sworn in as governor; New Hampshire’s Chris Carpenter makes MLB debut with the Toronto Blue Jays

In other news: Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule; Princess Diana dies

The hot list: Tamagotchi virtual pet, Titanic, Tiger Woods, South Park

Fun fact: ParenTimes becomes Parenting New England in 1997 to reflect the expanding coverage area for the magazine; Telegraph Publishing Co. purchases the magazine


Featured in the pages of Parenting New England/Parenting New Hampshire:  Choosing a children’s photographer, exercise during pregnancy, preventing sports injuries

Granite State goings-on: Katie King of Salem scores four goals in winter Olympics for gold-medal-winning women’s hockey team; Tricia Dunn of Derry scores game-winning goal against Canada

In other news: U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed; House of Representatives impeaches President Clinton; Google founded

The hot list: Furbies, Saving Private Ryan, Dawson’s Creek

Fun fact: The October issue is the first issue of the newly named Parenting New Hampshire


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Teaching your child about money, planning the perfect party, preserving memories with grandparents

Granite State goings-on: Jenny Thompson of Dover, five-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer, breaks 100-meter butterfly world record

In other news: Two students kill more than a dozen in mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado; John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, and his sister-in-law die in plane crash; Y2K

The hot list: Pokemon, The Matrix, The Blair Witch Project, SpongeBob SquarePants


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire:  NH Primary 2000, kids in the garden, a look at child abuse in NH

Granite State goings-on: Al Gore, Sen. John McCain win the NH Primary; political activist Doris “Granny D” Haddock of Dublin, 90, completes walking 3,200 miles across the country to advocate for campaign finance reform

In other news: 17 sailors on U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole die in Yemen terrorist explosion; Supreme Court declares George W. Bush the new president

The hot list: Razor scooters, Gladiator, Survivor, Dora the Explorer


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Family fitness, teaching your child manners, buying your first home

Granite State goings-on: Construction of Manchester Civic Center/Verizon Wireless Arena completed; Dean Kamen introduces the world to the Segway

In other news: Thousands die in Sept. 11 terrorist attacks; Anthrax scare grips nation

The hot list: Bratz dolls, Shrek, Harry Potter, the iPod


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Surviving a job layoff, family camping, raising the well-rounded child

Granite State goings-on: New Hampshire experiences third worst drought on record

In other news: Boston archbishop Cardinal Bernard Law resigns as a result of the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandals; New England Patriots win first of five Super Bowls; No Child Left Behind Act is signed into law

The hot list: Beyblades, Spider-Man, American Idol


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Adjusting to life as a new mom, home-based business opportunities, choosing a private school

Granite State goings-on: The New Hampshire Fisher Cats play ball for the first time; Craig Benson sworn in as governor; Old Man of the Mountain collapses

In other news: U.S. and Britain launch war against Iraq; Saddam Hussein is captured by American troops; Space shuttle Columbia explodes, killing all seven astronauts

The hot list: Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code, iTunes


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Food allergies, choosing an enrichment program, a look at 3-D ultrasound technology

Granite State goings-on: Sen. John Kerry, President George W. Bush win the NH Primary

In other news: U.S.’s final report on Iraq’s weapons finds no WMDs; Bush re-elected; Boston Red Sox win first World Series in 86 years; Facebook is launched as a social networking site only open to students from Harvard; tsunami kills nearly quarter of a million people in Indonesia and South Asia

The hot list: The Incredibles, flash mobs, Napoleon Dynamite


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Helping kids cope with the Iraq conflict, teaching your child a foreign language, how to help your depressed child

Granite State goings-on: John Lynch sworn in as governor; skier Bode Miller wins his first overall World Cup title; in October, western parts of the state devastated by severe flooding

In other news: Hurricane Katrina hits Gulf Coast, thousands die; London hit by Islamic terrorist bombings, killing 52 and wounding about 700

The hot list: The Xbox 360, The Office,  Grey’s Anatomy, Star Wars Episode III-Revenge of the Sith, Guitar Hero


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Heading back to the classroom as an adult, un-scheduling your child, birth plans

Granite State goings-on: Mother’s Day storm dumps 10-20 inches of rain and state of emergency declared due
to flooding

In other news: Saddam Hussein is convicted of crimes against humanity by an Iraqi court and hanged in Baghdad; Twitter is launched

The hot list: Blu-Ray discs, The Secret, Dancing with the Stars, Beyonce

Fun fact: In 2006, Parenting NH becomes a part of McLean Communications in Manchester. 2007


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Heart-healthy tips for busy women, disaster preparation, sensory processing disorder

Granite State goings-on: Edward and Elaine Brown of Plainfield gain national notoriety as tax protestors – they are charged with federal tax evasion and arrested after a standoff later in the year

In other news: A Virginia Tech student shoots and kills more than 30 students; the U.S. housing bubble bursts and foreclosures skyrocket 

The hot list: the iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Nintendo DS, Transformers, Desperate Housewives


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: How to be eco-friendly, stay-at-home dads, kids and anxiety

Granite State goings-on: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. John McCain win NH Primary; Children’s Museum of Portsmouth moves to Dover and is renamed Children’s Museum of New Hampshire; ice storm cripples the state, leaving residents without power for days to weeks

In other news: Barack Obama becomes the first African American to be elected president; the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression continues – banks are bailed out by the federal government to stop the financial system from collapsing

The hot list: Nintendo Wii, Wall-E, The Dark Knight, Sarah Palin, Twilight

Fun fact: Parenting New Hampshire magazine and logo was redesigned this year


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Explaining the economy to your kids, the “localvore” movement, internet safety

Granite State goings-on: Christa McAuliffe Planetarium renamed the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center; former Associate Justice of the Superior Court of NH, David Souter, retires from the U.S. Supreme Court

In other news: President Obama declares the outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus, also called swine flu, a national emergency

The hot list: Zhu Zhu pets, Avatar, Hannah Montana, Rock of Ages, The Jonas Brothers, Capt. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger

Fun fact: Another logo change for Parenting New Hampshire


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Dinners on a budget, ADHD, women and tattoos

Granite State goings-on: Same-sex marriage becomes legal; snowboarder Scotty Lago of Seabrook wins bronze at the winter Olympics in Vancouver.

In other news: 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastates Haiti; An explosion on a BP oil drilling rig off the coast of Louisiana kills 11 people and injures 17; Affordable Care Act signed into law

The hot list: Instagram app, Toy Story 3, late-night talk show wars, Katy Perry, The Walking Dead


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Guide to snowboarding, mom bloggers, geocaching

Granite State goings-on: Ben Cherington, born in Meriden, is named general manager of the Boston Red Sox; ‘Snowtober’ shuts down the state and Halloween activities are disrupted by power outages and more than 20 inches of snow

In other news: Osama Bin Laden killed; Occupy Wall Street protests across the country; Boston Bruins win Stanley Cup; final flight of the Space Shuttle program; Japan hit by earthquake and tsunami

The hot list: Adele, Angry Birds, The Voice, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Game of Thrones

Fun fact: This was the first year for the Family Favorites readers’ poll


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Teens and dating, how to raise a foodie,  nature preschools

Granite State goings-on: The construction of Hampton Beach’s new Seashell Complex is completed; President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney win the NH Primary

In other news: President Obama wins re-election; Hurricane Sandy hits East Coast; 20 children shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School

The hot list: The Hunger Games, The Avengers, PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

Fun fact: Yankee Publishing acquires Parenting New Hampshire in December


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Charter schools, Asperger’s Syndrome, security in New Hampshire’s schools

Granite State goings-on: Maggie Hassan is sworn in as governor

In other news: Boston Marathon bombing kills three and injures more than 260 people - massive FBI manhunt for bombers follows; Edward Snowden releases classified US government documents about the NSA surveillance program

The hot list: Frozen, Playstation 4, Iron Man 3, Macklemore


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Understanding emotional intelligence, the HPV vaccine, bullying

Granite State goings-on: Freelance journalist James Foley, who grew up in Wolfeboro, is killed by ISIS after almost two years of captivity in Syria; NH Audubon celebrates 100 years

In other news: One World Trade Center opens 13 years after terrorist attack

The hot list: The LEGO Movie, selfies, K-cups, Guardians of the Galaxy, Taylor Swift


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Concussions, re-entering the workforce, managing teen’s technology use

Granite State goings-on: The Manchester Monarchs win their only Calder Cup in their final AHL season; the University of New Hampshire’s campus in Manchester re-locates to the Pandora in the millyard

In other news: U.S. Supreme Court strikes down all state bans on same-sex marriage

The hot list: Twerking, Minions, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Justin Bieber, Amazon Echo featuring Alexa


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: How to use Snapchat, gluten-free dining, PFOA, living in the “sandwich” generation

Granite State goings-on: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump win the NH Primary; Rockingham Park in Salem closes its doors after 110 years

In other news: Donald Trump elected president; Chicago Cubs end 108-year drought with World Series win

The hot list: Pokemon GO, Deadpool, Stranger Things, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ariana Grande


Featured in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire: Navigating Airbnb, the evolving role of school counselors, STEAM, civics education

Granite State goings-on: Chris Sununu sworn in as governor; Matt Bonner of Concord ends professional basketball career

In other news: Tensions increase with North Korea; the Russia investigation, the #metoo movement; three devastating hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage

The hot list: Fingerlings, Wonder Woman, fidget spinners, dabbing, the total solar eclipse

What’s next?

We are excited to announce what has been months in the making: the redesign of Parenting New Hampshire.

Thank you for all your support. Here’s looking ahead to another 25 years!

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