25 years down, with many more to go

In preparation for the magazine’s 25th anniversary, I read through the back issues of Parenting New Hampshire — almost 300 in total.     

As I combed through hundreds of yellowed pages of newsprint I thought about how much has changed in our world over the last quarter-century. But one thing hasn’t changed and that’s the desire and the drive to be a good parent.

Yes, some of the issues and concerns parents are faced with now are worlds away from what parents dealt with in the 1990s. Sexting, cyberbullying, smartphones, and social media had yet to enter the conversation.  

But finding and getting reliable and helpful information you need to take care of your family and raise good kids is a constant.

Whether it’s talking to your neighbor or your pediatrician, or reading a book or magazine article or going online, parents are always searching for experts to point them in the right direction and help them navigate the parenting journey.

In editor Arlene Pollack’s note to readers in the May/June 1993 issue of ParenTimes, she wrote: “… it became apparent that there are many resources available to parents, but no single source of information. The intent of ParenTimes is to bring you the information you want in a format that is clear, concise, interesting, humorous and informative.”

Parenting New Hampshire has undergone some changes, specifically related to its content to mirror our changing world, but for 25 years the heart of what’s in the pages of Parenting New Hampshire has remained true to its original mission.

Since the first issue, the focus has been and remains on giving New Hampshire parents the information they need to help keep their kids and families safe, happy and healthy.

And thanks to our loyal readers and advertisers, we plan to continue to be the best resource for New Hampshire parents for the next 25 years. 

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