Experience summer camp together as a family

Instead of dropping your children off at camp, stay and have some fun with them

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Children from all over New England and beyond attend overnight summer camp in New Hampshire to take advantage of our state’s beautiful outdoor setting.

Each summer when families are dropping off campers for the first time, the adults often say, “This place is amazing! Can I stay here this week, too?” It is easy to understand that feeling as they meet the friendly and energetic camp staff, and see the fun and exciting programs their kids will enjoy.

For many adults, giving their children an overnight summer camp experience is an opportunity they didn’t experience themselves; others fondly remember their time at summer camp and wish for a chance to relive those memories.

Camps in New Hampshire are helping meet those needs by offering family camp programs that allow kids and adults to spend time together enjoying camp activities in the outdoors. Family camp is fun for campers of all ages —from toddlers to grandparents. It has just what a busy family needs to enjoy some quality time together in a safe, quiet, and beautiful natural setting.

Mass Audubon’s Wildwood Camp in Rindge, Windsor Hills Camp in Windsor, and Lion’s Camp Pride in New Durham all provide summer family camp programs. There are a variety of activities to choose from each day to interest campers of all ages. Kids-only activities allow them to make friends and connect with each other, just as they would on their own at overnight camp. Similarly, adult-only activities let adults share a new outdoor experience alongside other adults, with the guidance of trained staff educators. With activities like swimming, sailing, archery, high ropes challenge course elements, wildlife hikes, and field games, there are activities to grab everyone’s interest.

Family camp can be a great way for families to “try out” camp together before a child attends camp on their own. Children get a feel for the camp schedule, programs and property. Meanwhile, adults can see camp staff in action as they keep everyone safe and provide high-quality outdoor education programs. Of course, everyone gets together to sing songs, enjoy meals, and gather around the campfire in the evenings for skits, songs, and s’mores.

As each family’s schedule becomes increasingly busy and stressful, quality time spent together is one of the most important ways to strengthen familial bonds. Family camp allows families to have shared experiences that don’t involve looking at a computer or television screen. Instead, each member of the family can explore activities that meet their own interests, or adventure together and share a bonding experience that lasts a lifetime.         

This article was contributed by the staff at Mass Audubon’s Wildwood camp in Rindge. Wildwood is Mass Audubon’s only overnight camp and focuses on strengthening campers’ connections to nature and the outdoors. To learn more, go to www.massaudubon.org/wildwood.

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