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December 2018

Private Schools

St. Francis of Assisi School named to the Catholic Education Honor Roll

St. Francis of Assisi School is one of just 44 schools on the current list and it is the first New Hampshire Diocesan school to have received this recognition.

Transitions in early education

Good early childhood educators understand the toddler and pre-school transition process, as they see it every day and are trained on how to make transitions easier.
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Top Teachers 2018

We selected five Granite State educators to feature in ParentingNH’s second-annual Top Teacher issue.

Under review

A look at the incident report review process and potential alternatives to restraints and seclusion

More reports, fewer investigations

A look at what has transpired since state law changed to limit the use of restraints and seclusions
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Next generation education in the Granite State

What’s the big deal about STEM and how is it changing NH schools?

Moving away from the traditional classroom

STEM and STEAM keep middle and high-schoolers engaged in the classroom
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December 2018

Preschools and Kindergarten News

Prepping for preschool

Beyond the ABC’s and 123s — the skills parents should expect their child to learn
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Democracy Deconstructed

Family FavoritesDemocracy Deconstructed is a special, four-part series that takes a closer look at how our democracy functions in New Hampshire and beyond.

Topics include civics education and how it is being taught in New Hampshire, teaching tolerance to children of all ages, participating locally in the democratic process and the role of media in keeping government accountable – all with a focus on educating our kids to be better and engaged citizens.

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What you need to know about voting in NH

Information on voting in the Granite State, including what kind of identification you need to bring with you to the polls

No news is bad news

How the media plays a key role in maintaining democracy

Raising civic-minded and engaged youth

How local schools and families are raising children to be civic-minded and knowledgeable about the world around them
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